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​Too Many Heads

This song is by H8_Seed and appears on the EP Mythozoology (2012).

I heard a dreadful roar, a monster breaking down our door
A fiendish nightmare from primordial lore
We tried to escape from its maws hung agape
But as I fled, I asked myself what I was running for

I looked it dead in the eyes; could I meet my demise
At the heads of a creature that's quadruple my size?
I don't hesitate, as I'm tempting my fate
And I refuse to let myself be its prize

It took my land and my home,
Kept the fires burning
I brimmed with resolve,
But my insides were churning
I do my best to drown out the dread

But there were too many heads
Its massive body blazed a swath of destruction
They tore us to shreds
It showed us fury like a fiery eruption
Like a ravenous animal, it scattered our dead
On the rooftops, bloodied and red
The beast had too many heads
It's a predator, and we were its prey
Its massacre spreads
My friends and family were running away
But I stood up to the monster and defended our stead
In territory no one dared to tread