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​Slow Dance

This song is by H8_Seed.

I gazed at you, and you caught my heart;
There ain't nothin' but the dancefloor keeping us apart
You'd make my day if you looked my way
If the world's a stage, can we write the play?
My hand on your hip, and your breath on my neck
It doesn't feel real, so I have to check
Just hold me, dear, 'cause my head ain't clear
When I have you whispering in my ear

We're feeling lonely tonight
(I want to make you feel so good)
So why not take a bath in the moonlight?
(Just like the way I know you should)
The air is cool, and the future looks bright
With you and me together

Keep it cool; can you feel the romance?
(C'mere, girl, I wanna hold you close
I'll be your frog prince, as the story goes)
I just came to ask you for a slow dance
(Open up your heart, sweetie; dance with me
You'll never know if you don't take a chance with me)
My heart skips a beat every time I catch your glance
(There's a beautiful face under your disguise;
I can see the moonlght shining in your eyes)
So take my arm and join me for a slow dance
(You know that I feel safe with you
No matter what, your love is gonna pull me through)

Just take it slow, I don't dance so quick
Your boy's got moves, but my words are slick
I can see right through him
But for tonight, screw him
Just come with me; then you'll think you hardly knew him
We dance real easy, like we're on Mars
Our love grows strong, and the dancefloor's ours
I'd be remiss if I missed your kiss
Baby, no one else could ever feel our bliss