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Helpless Not Hopeless

This song is by H2O.

ain't it strange how time just slips away
then i got your call the other day
all these years and you're still in that place
and you really don't have much to say
like, what about your dreams?
and are they blowing away,
while you sit there wishing you could start again

are you stuck in a rut? helpless not hopeless
got a fear in your gut? helpless not hopeless
are you waiting for luck? helpless not hopeless

and i know how hard it is to change, with so many lives to
rearrange and every time you feel so close, you forget
about what you want most like what about your dreams ,
and are they blowing away
while you sit there wishing you could start again


time, it's funny how time slips away
time, and how your dreams fade away
time, and it's hard, hard to make that change
but, you can make that change


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