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​Ways To Treat A Woman

This song is by H-Town and appears on the album Ladies' Edition, Woman's World (1997).

Let's stroll down the ave
Watch your hair blow back
Let's see the favorite smile
That you smile when I'm smilin' back
That's the way that I know that you're pleased with my cool act
And baby all that I'm thinkin' is how to treat you with some respect

Know what baby I know
How to treat a woman
And I do how to love a woman
The ways to treat a woman yeah yeah
And I know how to caress your back
Nights when you sleep
And how to do it when you wake up
Love you in the mourning
Listen baby

Baby I know you like it when I lick the honey off your smooth back
The way I rub your pretty toes and maybe suck 'em after all that
And when you make sexy sounds
I start to grow with the flow yeah
And babygirl don't you know
I know how to please for what you want

Telling you that I know
How to do you and I do
How to love you
Thw ways to treat a woman yeah
And I know
How to rub your back
And I do
How to sex you down with lotion and all the things that you need
The ways to treat a woman yeah
Yeah yeah I do I do I do I do I do I do I do it
I do I do I do yeah I do it do it say I knew
How to do it say the way hat you want it when you was gettin' ready to do it... coffee table... in da shower all night long I knew it I knew it yeah

(Chorus 1: till fades out)