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My Pink Sky

This song is by H-Town and appears on the album Imitations Of Life (2004).

I woke up this morin' so happy smellin' the air of the sweet perfume you left in my room oh yeah you make so happy lady that you're gonna be my bride soon oh you are my shining star the one that's around when world's crumbling down when the rain wash away my crown all I gotta do is look up high there's my pink sky yeah pink sky the color of sweet you're like to the treat pink sky all around me yeah my pink sky yeah a flower of virtue no one eels above you your heaven is my love so high I must pray to touch yes God has made perfect one in you this he has done inside you're like fine wine priceless with no time so lone I've been waiting for this special blessing the woman of my dreams and now its reaility you're my star the way you come around when I'm down girl you lift my frown I just look up and see my pink sky my pink sky

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