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​Much Feelin' (And It Tastes Great)

This song is by H-Town and appears on the album Beggin' After Dark (1994).

I like it said I really need it
Sweet as cherry, rasberry tastes so good to me. Lemon drop down my throat back to what it seems sweet and sour never that more like caramel baby come let me ge whif of that sweet sweet smell
Much feelin' and it tastes great [x8]
Let me ease down the road fill you up inside in and out, round about like a merry-go-round let me lick over your body leave you with a smile leave you unsatified that's no my style
Sing it for me G.I. : Just lay your body down let me fill you up let me touch you where where you wanna be touched tastes so good feels so go inside (come on sing it) I just wanna ride till your satisfied much feelin'
(Chorus Fades)