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​Married Man

This song is by H-Town and appears on the album Ladies' Edition, Woman's World (1997).

Yeah... Naw baby I can't... I can't be doing it no more you no what I'm saying I'm a married man now... yeah... you didn't know that... yeah I can't be hanging out with the homies and doing all that... that ain't... I mean it's dope and all that... but... I really can't do it no more you know what I'm saying I got to respect mine you know what I'm saying... but lemme tell you the story

I remember going down south (shit)
Rollin' with the homies (yeah)
And I remember I remember I remember
When we were playin' oh oh much games
And everyday seekin' a different lady

But I tell you right now I say I I can't go outside no more
I can't be freaky no nore
I's I's I's a married man now
So say I can't be tempted no more
Say I can't be devillish no more
I's I's I's a married man now

And I can remember when we used to bang bang screw
Bumpin with the homies gettin' blowed out all day long yeah
And I remember I remember when we did it yeah yeah
And everybody got laid they got laid so tough

But you know what I say now baby
I can't be doin' it no more
Say I can't be partying no more
Cause oh oh oh oh oh oh
I'm a married man now
Yeah say I I've given my ring away now
I can't be going no more
I'm a married man now

Listen what I say oh oh oh oh oh yeah
Aw no no no
I's a married man
Everyday I live I live to see my lady
Wake up so pretty

Um listen y'all... if y'all don't believe me... what I'm talkin' about lemme hear you say oh oh oh
I see we have a whole bunch of dem out there... love to be trippin' on dey woman but... I ain't with it I want to love love love love love her I love her love my little lady my lady yeah yeah