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Iberia Sumergida

This song is by Héroes del Silencio and appears on the album Avalancha (1995).

(I awoke)
con los puños bien cerrados
(with tightly clenched fists)
y la rabia insolente
(and the insolent rage)
de mi juventud.
(of my youth).

La ingenuidad
nos absuelve de equivocarnos
(allows us to err)
que cada uno aporte lo que sepa.
(for everyone to tell what they know).

Te hicieron pan
(they turned you to bread)
y ahí te consumimos
(and we consumed you on the spot)
y la venganza es un rastro tan inútil.
(and vengance is a useless piece of junk).

Este es mi sitio
(this is my site)
y esta es mi espina
(and this is my thorn)
iberia sumergida
(iberia submerged)
en sus rumores clandestinos.
(in its clandestine rumors).

Formulas preguntas
(you make questions)
con semillas de respuesta
(with seeds of an answer)
y conozco tu camino de memoria.
(and i know your road by memory).

No creo velar
(i dont believe in keeping a place)
donde la mayoría
(where the majority)
de sus abrazos propietarios
(of its self owned embraces)
sin salida, dan salida.
(without an exit, give an exit).

Ahora que,
(now that)
padeces de insomnio
(you suffer from insomnia)
quisieras morir en siesta.
(you wish you died while resting).

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