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​I Can Feel Your Pain

This song is by Gyptian and appears on the album I Can Feel Your Pain (2008) and on the album Its a Love Thing (2016).

I can feel your pain... ooh

Lady I can feel your pain
Even if you thousand miles away ooh
Girl I can remember those days
When lonleness was right before your face ooh
I can erase those pains away
No more lonliness starin' in ya face ooh

Let me make love to you
Let me talk to you
Let me treat you
Let me show you the way ur man should treat you lady, that's the way you should be treated
Girl relax ur mind, no more night to fight
I'm gon treat you right, gonna show you the life
Anyday your right my baby, we'll start a family

I can feel your pain, even if your thousand miles away ooh
Girl I remember those days, when lonliness was right in front your face ooh
Baby I can feel your pain ooh ooh ooh ooh

Do you wanna joride wit me
Do you wanna go wen the sunrise wit me
Do you wanna see me everyday
'Cause I wanna see you
From a distance girl I can feel you
I wanna show you, the things I wanna to show my dreams lady