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Sight of a Tear

This song is by Gypsy & The Cat and appears on the album Gilgamesh (2010).

Eyes wide shut, in another world
Sleeping tight, was a lonely boy
Shifting stars, on the ceiling wall
There's a nightlight breathin' there

Reaching out, to the land of the lord
From the dark in my room
Screaming out, for the light of the soul
To be gone from the world that I'm in.
You, were the nightlight,
Searching for sunlight here

You, are the night light
Born at the sight of a tear
Toss and turn sheets are sliding down,
Wont awake till the light is found

Conscious mind, went to say goodbye
Now this dream is floating on
Just as I, turn and hide form the man
I am struck by a light from the moon,
Guiding me, like a knight shining back to my world
Filled with love centered wounds.


Written by:

Xavier Bacash Lionel Towers

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