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This song is by Gypsy & The Cat and appears on the album Gilgamesh (2010).

Turn to be alone
Find the height to change your view
And if I held the world, would I have the key
And if I dare to dream, will I see the light

Yesterday I saw a lady needing help
The only look was someone evil laughing on their way
Tonight I'll be the one to lead the way
A troubled life will be the distant memory

Find a way to free the chain
To break away to break away
To find the time to heal the pain
To break away to break away

And if I choose a word to say
To break away to break away
Will I turn the night to day
To breakaway

Walking by a funeral on the road
Everybody's crying out of love
Little do they know, she's in a better place
Reach to the dark, the hand on the light

And nothing's there.
Truth verses light, escape the mind,
And yearn to be free.
We're all

Step outside the circle and fly.


Written by:

Lionel Towers Xavier Bacash

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