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Gypsy Queen

This song is by Gypsy and appears on the album Gypsy (1970).

Warning... Warning...

Reason escapes me
Before long you'll understand
I've fallen victim
To this woman's evil plans

This is a warning
You've got to beware
Before you've awakened
She'll have you in the palm of her hand
You're left with nothin'
But still caught up in her trance

This is a warning
You got to beware

She'll lead you where you've never been
And leave you just a-gaspin'
She won't leave a stone un-turned
Until she's - she's seen you burned... yeah

You've got, got to beware
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I hope you'll take heed
And prepare for all I've said
You've had fair warnin'
Gypsy Queen lies ahead

This is a warnin'
You got to beware

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