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This song is by GWAR and appears on the album Violence Has Arrived (2001).

Lonely And Crippled She Lives All Alone
Stares Out The Window, No One On The Telephone
Her Only Friend ?A Little Kitty Kat
She Feeds It A Lot
Kitty Pretty Fat

Licksore, Something To Abhor
Kitty Kat Don'T Want No Rat
Mommy'S On The Floor
Licksore, Getting To The Core
Kitty Kat Is Getting Fat
Tongue Becomes A Bore

Mommy'S Got A Problem, Seems That Mommy'S Dead
Kitty'S Got No Food Lick A Hole In Mommy'S Head
Kitty Loves Her Mommy, Kitty Loves The Taste
Kitty Loves Mommy, Kitty Loves Salami

The Hold Is Getting Bigger
Head Fits Inside
Sucking At The Nostrils
Feasting On The Eyes
Kitty Pretty Hungry Kitty Must Sup
Kitty Pretty Lonely, Mommy Won'T Get Up
Mommy Won'T Get Up

The Landlord Comes By The Tenants Are Mad
They Want To Know Why The Smell Is So Bad
He Beholds In Horror
The Ever-Widening Gash
But Before He Calls The Cops He Looks Around For Cash

Licksore Has Become Bloody Pothole
Licky Lap At Brain Filled Bowl
Licksore Something To Abhor
Mommy Won'T Get Up

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