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Mr. Maxwell Street

This song is by Guy Verlinde and appears on the album Inhale My World (2013) by Lightnin' Guy.

He's got stories from another time
If you read between the lines
You feel the Mississippi groovin' inside your head

Hard to see through his absent mind
When his voice starts to grunt & grind
He preaches his religion like a reverend all night long

In a lumberjack shirt, a cap on his head
With only four fingers & a smokin' cigarette
He'll sting you with his blues from your head down to your feet
That's why I can only say: "hail to Mr. Maxwell Street!"

Like his music, he won't change
Headstrong & firm they'll both remain
Through a needle on a vinyl or when he gets on stage

On a road worn guitar fightin' prejudice views
No fame or fortune for the uncrowned king of the blues
Taunted by success, alone in defeat
But I will always be there to say: "hail to Mr. Maxwell Street!"

Now all your heroes have come & gone
You keep their legacy alive
There's always time for one more song
Crank up your amp & slide it loud

His records were my blues university
He never taught one note, but shared his world with me
I learned on the road, playin' to his boogie beat
That's why I will always say: "hail to Mr. Maxwell Street!"

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