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Feel Alive

This song is by Guy Verlinde and appears on the album Better Days Ahead (2015).

Out of the dark, into the light
I praise the blues night after night
In my church every stage is a sanctuary

Fallin' down, pickin' myself up
Need no doctor to prescribe my luck
For my heart you're the sweetest remedy

Time after time you're waitin' for me
To turn silence into sound
Time after time escapin' gravity
As we're gettin' off the ground & feel alive

Feel alive, you make me feel alive

On the road, far away from home
Live by the law of a rollin' stone
In my court all your pain will be relieved

Burnin' high, coolin' down again
There's no fast lane to get where I am
I slide through life as my guitar leads the way

Time after time I'm hopin' to see
Your face back in the crowd
Time after time exchangin' energy
As we're screamin' out loud & feel alive

Feel alive, you make me feel alive

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