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My Beautiful Friend

This song is by Guy Sebastian and appears on the album Just As I Am (2003) and on the compilation album Twenty Ten (2010).

A million hearts are hurting 'cause they love you
Close your eyes and feel their arms around you now
Baby, just like me, I'm sure they're thinking of you
I know somehow
This will all work out

I stand upon the roof and stare at the starry sky
For a reason why, or something I can do
Everything that mattered yesterday
So far now
Away from you
What you're going through

But just you hold on
You're gonna get through this
Oh yes you are
Try to be strong
You know you can do this
'Cause baby, love will conquer all
And it won't be long before
You'll be dancing in the rain again

My beautiful friend x2

If you ever feel
There's no strength left inside you
Just know I'm by your side
And holding you hand tight
Sometimes the moon is all
The light you need to guide you
Through the darkest night
Let me be the light


The desert soon will turn to bloom
You'll start to feel a change in you
The sky will seem a deeper blue
Than it was ever was before
A whole new world will open up
As you stand face to face with life
And though I can't imagine how
You'll be more beautiful than you are now.

You're gonna get through this
Don't you be afraid girl,
Just hold on
You know you can do this
The only thing I'm sure of is that
Love will conquer all
And it won't be long before
You'll be dancing in the rain again
Won't you save me one dance with you then?

My beautiful friend'
You're gonna get, you're gonna get through

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