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Where Was I?

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP (1996).

well, country's in the red
soon we'll be dead
no life, not even a flower
cause atomic power
scares the shit out of you
there's nothing you can do
undecided men
bout a war you can't win
hey, who would want to win the damn thing anyway, right boys?!

children turn green
the flowers die
all the people are gone except i
the atom bombs have exploded near
where was i if i wasn't here?
atomic was one way out
nuclear was the final bout
atomic war can destroy our race
leave the earth in all but waste

but, where was i

when the trouble started?
where was i when the two sides parted?
where was i if i wasn't here?
cause the atom bombs have exploded near
but nothing's happened to me so...

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