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Under My Skin

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP (1996).

you're under my skin like needled and pins
you really start to bug me
but there is no end
you're a bad bad drug
like the one you're hooked on
trying to addict me but something's' gone wrong
you're under my skin like needles and pins
you're a pea brained monkey that shouldn't have a name
you want to be a psycho
want to cause some pain
what do you want me
cause i don't want you
why do you hang around when you know that i don't like you?
you're under my skin like needles and pins

through my skin
in my veins
from my arm
into my brain
you cause me nightmares
but cause no pain
it's only because i know your game

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