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Surfs Up Asshole

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Eat Your Face (2004).

I don't give a shit where you are from
The valley some desert or kingdom come
You read it in some surf magazine
So you all wind up in hb

First things first where do I start
A sweet v-dub bus might be smart
You read it in some surf fagazine
So you all end up in hb

Surfs up asshole x3
Men in tight suits
Surfs up asshole x3
Sure look cute

The wax, the chicks
I've seen blue crush
Gonna fuck that little bitch in the back of my bus

Its nice to have someone think for me
That's why I now live in hb

A tattoo a goatee a wallet chain
Every single asshole looks the same
A robot producing factory
And it all points down to hb

Surfs up asshole x3
Every single bitch
Surfs up asshole x3
Big big tits

What a drag there in the break
It smells familiar and its smeared on my face
What do I do
I had to think
Is that the fucking shit that I took last week

I swam ashore
I could not breath
Fuck I stepped on a needle and got hiv
While the lifeguard tanned
And shaved his legs the brown breaks of huntington beach

Surfs up asshole x3
Hey what's up bro (spoken in true to life surfbonics)
Surfs up asshole x3

The seas are polluted with medical waste
And on the fourth of July I got sprayed with mace

But I got a bro deal on a stick you see
That's the way it goes in hb
That's the way it goes asshole

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