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This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Eat Your Face (2004).

This is the season
And I'll tell you something
I gots a hard on
And it ain't for nothing

This is the season
To commit punk rock treason
That bullshit detector works better than it ever did before

It's all about it's all about the cabbage
Watch it flow its
All about it's all about the cabbage
And the blow (I'm in)

The bands line their pockets
You mosh and get jock itch
If you listen to me
I swear good things will come

The bands all get rich
While they tell you to bitch
The key to success is a faux hawk and mascara
It's been done

(Hey hey's)

I may sound jealous
But I'd sell my own moms ass
For millions of dollars
To scream some stupid song

I'd rather have cash
Stuffed up my ass
But complaining sounds cooler
Than working for the man but we all will

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