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Octopus Hairpiece

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Eat Your Face (2004).

People please
While surfing in the ocean
I somehow lost my hairpiece

I watched my age increase
As some pesky octopus
Took my tuft of manhood from me

Duck diving for my hairpiece
I'm searching for my hairpiece
Duck diving for my hairpiece
Octopus hairpiece

Look there on the reef
Make a lasso with my leash
Ride my sea horse to the deep

I'm at one with the sea
I'm a surfer from the soul
Until a clam swallowed my toupee whole

Yeah dude did I say dude
I know I sound like bill and ted
I got a sunburn on my head
I've been to indo been to France
But the hairpieces are cheaper
Down in costa rica

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