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My Town

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Gusto (2002).

My town
Is a place you'll never come in last
My town
Is a place that's upside down
My town
Is a place you'll always have a full glass
Once upon a time in a fabricated land
There lived a town that was custom made for
People not understood
The chosen few and they held their flag up high
Though colored black
Red was the color of their sky
If you want in, you want in, you want in
But to get in, to get in, to get inside
No parent no fences no credit cards
No data no children no lowered cars
Culture wears a face that is hidden with a grin
The Jones' left so no keeping up with them
The rumors are that nobody thinks the same
Fame is abolished so you'll never need a name
If you want in, you want in you want in
But to get in, to get in to get inside
No teachers no kittens no wedding plans
No feelings no hunger, no hip hop jams
My town
My town oh oh oh

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