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Mr. Barbeque

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP (1996).

hey now, welcome to my house
i'm gonna' have a bbq and maybe i'll invite ya'
gotta side of pork
gotta' side of creamy salad
got a jar of cole slaw and a case of lighter fluid
oh my god!
my arm's on fire!
somebody pass the dressing!
everybody remain calm
i'm a professional
quickly submerge the arm in mayonnaise
says mr. bbq

hey, thanks a lot doc my arm's feeling great
oh, by the way, could you pass the mouth watering pork rinds?
o.k. i think it's about time for everybody's favorite pigs feet eating contest
ready? go!!!
well, it looks like it's last years champion mrs. brown
she's in the lead
no, wait, it's mr. brown
mrs. brown, she's choking!!!

weenies man
chicken fried pork steaks
skinless boneless chicken breasts
mr. bbq.

mrs. brown is fine
now it's time to dine
grab yourself a plate the pork is really great
you know, you never can be too careful with those under cooked pork chops
you could get some disease
or worse yet, you could get struck by lightning
or drown in a kiddie pool
so don't be a fool, be sure to take all the necessary precautions when having a bbq

weenies man

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