Guttermouth:I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno Lyrics

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I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Eat Your Face (2004).

im so bored
get on board
im so bored
get on bored

to those who write on shithouse walls
and roll their poop in little balls
rock and roll is here to stay
disco sucks and punk is gay

pc rhymes with fcc but also with stupidity
if kobe shoots and jesus saves than shaq will score the rebound

(repeat chorus)

here i sit so broken hearted
came to shit but only farted
there is really nothing else to say
punk is now completely gay

emo geeks and pc chicks
if you want equality grow a dick
she will take a penis in the ass
but still remain a virgin

(unknown verse)

(spoken word)

(repeat chorus)

(unknown verse)

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