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This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Musical Monkey (1997).

I think I've been infected with the flu
Once again bordems got me feeling blue
Sometimes in this life you've got to cut the crap
Sit down for my rights 'cause I don't care
To do what everybody else would do. I'm fine right here
I voted once but I didn't win. I'll never vote again
People say I should give a damn
People say that I should respect this land
But I say no way I won't compromise
Either way my life remains the same
Its great, come join me at the lake it's freshly stocked
No work just play leeching off the state all day
Clears my mind
They say this is the land of the free
To me that means I have the liberty to sit for
My rights 'cause I don't care
To do what everybody else would d0 I'm fine right
I voted once but I didn't win I'll never vote again
God bless America home of the whopper
God bless America billions billions served
Every week from moscow
To madagascar, ronald mcdonald's smile
Warms the hearts of all people regardless of race.
Color, creed, sex and social status
By opening 3 new mcdonalds restaurants as
Ambasador of my country, America, ronald personally
Invites you to join him on his quest to end world hunger

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