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Generous Portions

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Teri Yakimoto (1998).

Over indulgence...
A pick me up for when I'm feeling down
A cold one with a line to face the day... o.k.
My dealers house is always on th way... I say...
Increase my potential for success
My potential for succes

I'm undestructible...
Bathing in a sea of p.c.p.
Washing quaaludes down with '83 chablis... whoopie!
Make new friends with pots of mushroom tea... you'll see

Where the hells my god dawn l.s.d.
My god dawn l.s.d.

I wake up morning, I need a lots of drugs!
Anytime, anyplace, I need a lot on drugs!
On the way to Sunday school, I need a lot of drugs!
For any situation just get yourself a lot of drugs!

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