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This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Friendly People (1994).

Get pissed, you suck
I know your kind
I know the system
I know it's not so fine
I know the bees, I know the rains
I know that logging can kill
Oh, well, let's just go on Dumbo
Profound, that's what I found
Profound, oh to the ground
Profound, that's what I found
Why must we chop it to the ground

My god, it's done, but I can cope
How about those dodgers
No time to sit around and mope
Clear out those trees
Let's make some cash
Pack up the animals
and ship them to the zoo
We'll have a blast

You know what I'd do
I think it would be so grand
We'll chop down the rain forest
and build another Disneyland
Who gives a hoot
About the lungs of the earth
I don't, so who cares
Screw it, man, for what it's worth

i knew the bees, i knew the rains
i knew the system would chop this place
and then they would make me pay
i knew the snakes, i knew tree frogs
if i knew admission was thirty bucks
i'd of brought discover card

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