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Abort Mission

This song is by Guttermouth and appears on the album Musical Monkey (1997).

Its Friday night
I've got a date
With this vegan
Girl kate
You know I really
Like her style
Whoa! I love you kate
But you've gone to far
You won't even sit in my brand new car
It's got reclining bucket seats
And a CD player
So what's your fucking beef
Is it my cozy leather seats
Is it the covers made from sheep
Ok I guess that we can walk
And walk
And walk
What kind of guy
Do you think I am
You only take off your shoes when you're in Japan
I bought this outfit just for you
So what if their suede
And now my jacket too
So what am I supposed to do
I'll freeze to death and get the flu
Ok I'll do it just for you
For you
For you
For you
We made it out and we had an ok time
I caught pneumonia and a mild case of frostbite
She said I'm sorry mark
I hope that you pull through
Next time we go out
Please just wear some different shoes
I tried to fuck her and you know what happened then
She said that condom you've got is made from a lambs skin
Hey what's your problem
Last Friday night you know I had this date
It was with this vegan girl
I think her name was kate
If you're lookin' for some action
Or if you want to score
Just eat some bark or acorns
And she will like you more than me

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