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Patent Leather Shoes

This song is by Gutterball and appears on the album Gutterball (1993).

Got a rented Chevy, it's an out-of-towner
Leaning on the rack by the check-out counter
Got the Globe and the Star and some cayenne pepper
Promise to bring her back just the way that I left her

They say that good things come in two's
Here's a little news you can use
Everybody says you've nothing to lose
You look good in patent leather shoes

I hear your mama was a teenage queen
Cover of November Sassy Magazine
Well, it's not your mama that I crave
Where did you ever learn to behave?


I hear the boys are lining up outside of your house
24 hours a day you've been drawing crowds
Well, I bet you've got something there that you wanna hide
Cause everybody want's to get inside


Hey, going my way...
How old did you say you were...

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