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Lester Young

This song is by Gutterball and appears on the album Gutterball (1993) and on the compilation album Turnyor Hedinkov (1995).

Wipe the smile off your face, baby
This stuff just ain't enough
Smashed all of the 78s, baby
Made up a song for Lester Young
Improvised on the waffle iron
Tore up the back room in D-natural
Wipe the smile off your face, baby
This stuff just ain't enough

Emptied out the medicine chest
I drank a toast to your health
Chased the diet pills with Nyquil, honey
Felt pretty good myself
Had a dream I was Lester Young
At the Savoy on a Saturday night
Wipe the smile off your face, baby
It's gonna be alright

Got the tape recorder running, honey
We'll send a copy to your mom
Roll off the high end, baby
This ain't no cause for alarm
Stompin' down at the Savoy
Yeah, this one goes out to the Prez
Raise up another high ball, babe
And lay it down to

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