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Falling From the Sky

This song is by Gutterball and appears on the album Gutterball (1993).

it's raining down in Eastern Pawtucket
it's raining down in Philly, too
stood outside praying to get wet
and I ended up with mud all over my shoes

Crazy Bobby on the water tower
spraying bullets and catching flies
he got no victims, he got no targets
no competition so he took first prize

oh lord, it's hard to rely
when everything you need is falling from the sky

live telecast of the Academy Awards
every nomination was mine
started laughing, started shaking hands
when a write-in vote took me down 10 to 9
got me a brand-new '57 Chevy
it's got no tires but it stops on a dime
why change the water, man, why change the oil?
why change a thing when everything is fine?


well, Chicken Little met the Jolly Green Giant
coming home from the fair
Chicken Little said to the Jolly Green Giant
man, you should have seen what I seen there
there were 20 blackbirds and 17 pigeons
they were baking down in a pie
I took a bite, man I started running
when it started coming down from the sky


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