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​Too Sick To Suck It

This song is by Gutfucked and appears on the album Fucked To Death (2013).

While I have you confined
Strapped to my bed
Can you look at this for me?
Does it look infected?
My member has seen better days
Discolored throbbing mass covered in sores
Scabs and puss lining the shaft
What's that there? That doesn't look normal
Your body begins to tremble as you become
Disoriented by what you have seen.
The stench of misery and suffering engulfs you
Forcing out your vomit and spilling bile.
The convulsions begin when I your wounds.
Forcing you to see what I have created,
I open your eyes.
This has been festering for an eternity.
Why do you give that look? So concerned.
You should be. I prepared a flesh feast.
You grow pale, I grow aroused
I thrust my cock into her mouth
Fucking suck it, you cunt, fucking suck it
Vomit spews from her mouth but I don't mind.
An unconventional lube.
Go ahead and bite, I've lost all feeling
Last bitch made sure of that...
If you despised that, you cannot fathom, how I'll taint your crotch