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Sister Fister

This song is by Gutfucked and appears on the album Fucked To Death (2013).

Masking himself in a sane human organism
Bringing torment in solitude
The quiet frees his mind
While the true mind's eye draws its desires
In human remains
To defile the innocent brings one of the flesh masochistic pleasure
Satisfying urges unsought by the regulated populace
Bearing judgement down upon those who fulfill their cravings in the most horrid of ways
Calling down from a higher plane of existence
Using those who wear the mark of blood to release their own inner creature of the dark
A grim attempt at setting an equilibrium while only setting the path in the same as the fallen
Humanity fleshes out its demons
Resembling its own kind
We are all bound with internal suffering
Yet some protect it towards a darker art
Circling the depraved with vicious intent we judge

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