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Pick A Hole Or Make One

This song is by Gutfucked and appears on the album Fucked To Death (2013).

Decimation of the human design
Reconfiguring the pieces to a putrid piece of art
Appreciated by sadistic minds and adored by its creator
A gift to few that disgusts the faces of many
A use of tools to reattach the limbs to the hollowed torso
The stench of bile and intestinal fluid burns as the scent spreads
Removing the eyes as a delicacy while the work is completed
Blood pouring from the table begins to dry and turn black as rigor mortis sets in
Spare parts kept in formaldahyde to preserve for another work of art
To admire the hours of work he molests your cadaver
Showing his adoration he ejaculates within its empty carcass
This might be his masterpiece
Hidden from the world to rot in his grasp
One's dream is another's nightmare
The urge to create by killing a creation
Misunderstood mind delved in evil
Art is in the eye of the beholder

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