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​Fingering The Meat Grinder

This song is by Gutfucked and appears on the album Fucked To Death (2013).

Spewing entrails (opened torso lacerated).
Eyes still open, (fully conscious autopsy).
Grinding fingers, (to remove the evidence.)
Pulling your teeth, (who you were will die with me).

Your feet are severed and ground down into stumps draining human fluid.
To preserve your useless existence your stumps are placed in salt.
The terror that shrieks from you is haunting.
Skin is then removed from your already abused genitals,
Slowly your screams turn to silence.
You want it to end but we have just begun.
There are far worse things than death.
You will experience them all, for I am the Devil.
There is work to be done, whether you stay with me or not,
You are just a carcass I will redesign