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I Am the Fire (2014)Edit

Gus G - I Am The Fire

I Am the Fire

  1. My Will Be Done (featuring Mats Levén)
  2. Blame It on Me (featuring Mats Levén)
  3. I Am the Fire (featuring Devour The Day)
  4. Vengeance (featuring David Ellefson)
  5. Long Way Down (featuring Alexia Rodriguez)
  6. Just Can't Let Go (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  7. Terrified (featuring Billy Sheehan)
  8. Eyes Wide Open (featuring Mats Levén)
  9. Redemption (featuring Michael Starr)
  10. Summer Days (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
  11. Dreamkeeper (featuring Tom S. Englund)
  12. End of the Line (featuring Mats Levén)
  13. Hesitate (featuring Tara Teresa)
  14. Without You
  15. Last Embrace
  16. Redemption (featuring Mats Levén)

Brand New Revolution (2015)Edit

Gus G - Brand New Revolution

Brand New Revolution

  1. The Quest
  2. Brand New Revolution (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  3. Burn (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  4. We Are One (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  5. What Lies Below (featuring Elize Ryd)
  6. Behind Those Eyes (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  7. Gone To Stay (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
  8. One More Try (featuring Jacob Bunton)
  9. Come Hell Or High Water (featuring Mats Levén)
  10. If It Ends Today (featuring Mats Levén)
  11. Generation G (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
  12. The Demon Inside (featuring Mats Levén)
  13. What Lies Below (featuring Heather St. Marie)

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