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This song is by GusGus and appears on the album Polydistortion (1997).

When I feel alone, inside, away from love.
When you don't wanna know, I give like you give to me.
Wherever you will stay, someday, hiding, afraid.
Then I'll understand, I don't love you anymore.

How can this be?
How can this be so real?

Oversized clouds embrace me, thrills of sorrow...

How can this be?
How can this be so real?

Lay me by your side.
Lay me where you need.
And I'll be there, shining on you.

With nothing to concieve, up there, love to truth.
Fearful winds will change and rise, and smoke me up away.
Whenever live is cunt (Suck it, Lick it) and blue,
I remember you.

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