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Album by Guru.
  1. Intro (Light It Up) - Jazzalude I - New Reality Style
  2. Life Saver (featuring Baybe)
  3. Living In This World (featuring Sweet Sable and J. Rodriguez)
  4. Looking Through Darkness (featuring Mica Paris)
  5. Skit A (Interview) - Watch What You Say (featuring Chaka Khan and Branford Marsalis)
  6. Jazzalude II - Defining Porpuse
  7. For You (featuring Me'Shell NDegeocello and Kenny Garrett)
  8. Insert A (Mental Relaxation) - Medicine (featuring Ini Kimoze and True Masters)
  9. Lost Souls
  10. Insert B (The Real Deal) - Nobody Knows (featuring Shara Nelson and Jan Kincaid)
  11. Jazzalude III - Hip Hop As A Way Of Life
  12. Respect The Architect
  13. Feel The Music (featuring Baybe and Paul Ferguson)
  14. Young Ladies
  15. The Traveler (featuring Donald Byrd)
  16. Jazzalude IV - Maintaining Focus
  17. Count Your Blessings (featuring Purdie, Bernard "Pretty" and Brian Holt)
  18. Choice Of Weapons
  19. Something In The Past (featuring Freddie Hubbard)
  20. Skit B (Alot On My Mind) - Revelation (featuring Ronny Jordan)

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