Guilty By Association:Risky Behavior Lyrics

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Risky Behavior

This song is by Guilty By Association.

Perfect life, made into nothing at all
Up so high, but then you fall
Changing to make everyone happy but yourself
The real you has just slipped away
Slipped away'

Risky Behavior
Your everyone, but yourself
Risky Behavior
Makes me mad to see you this way
Cuz your not the same, you had to change
I watch as it all just goes away

The world around us crumbles and dies
Your going with it b/c of all the lies
Anger and pain in the place of love
You cant rise above, you cant rise above


Nothing to complain about
But you make something up
Never to think about the ones you love
People always getting you down
Reach inside b/c the real you needs to be found