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This song is by Guilty By Association.

Rain falls all around me
It's funny how my vision was clear, and now I cant see
I look up at the sky
Where everything is right
I fall on my knees and cry out to him
And he wraps his arms around me and says

Through trials and hard times I'll be here
Through happy times I'll be near
And I'll catch you when you fall
b/c I love you above all
Just believe in me
Like I believe in you

My heart is broken, o but why
If I don't care why do I cry
I wish someone would love me like you do
But your love for me is just too good to be true

Through trials and hard times He'll be here
Through happy times he'll be near
And he'll catch you when u fall
Because he loves you above all
Just believe in him like he believes'
In you

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