Guido Hatzis:Tow Truck Driver 1 Lyrics

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Tow Truck Driver 1

This song is by Guido Hatzis.

(phone rings)

Tow truck Driver: Hello, towing

Guido Hatzis: Yeah mate, are you a tow truck driver?

T: Yep

G: Alright mate I need a tow truck

T: Where from?

G: Where from?

T: Yep

G: Mate, just outside my house

(short pause)

T: Righto I'll play the joke. Tell me what, what it's all about

G: Ma ma mate, it's no joke, the car break down in front of my
house, you come and get it, alright?

T: Who am I talking to and where is it going to?

G: You are talking to Guido Hatzis, alright? I tell you where
to go when you arrive alright?

T: What suburb are you in?

(short pause)

G: Mate, I can't tell you

T: You can't tell me? alright, goodbye.

G: Nah nah nah mate you listen, nah nah mate, you listen to me, alright?

(Tow Truck Driver hangs up)