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Aint No Nigga Like Me

This song is by Guerilla Maab and appears on the album Year Of The Underdawgs (2003).

You ain't never seen a nigga, that's thugging just like me
A nigga that could take you from a Timex, to a Rolley
And I ain't tricking baby, just the fact I can change your world
To diamonds and pearls, ?and lovers up out the world?
Now how you loving that, baby like Pac I'll make you famous
While caressing up on your tittes, and rubbing on your anus
It's the Dougie Daddy, many boppers they wanna have me
But we be too caught up in shopping, and fucking in the Caddy
Now just throw it at me, baby you know my playa status
A nigga that's shining and grinding, and get it trying to have it
We could ball out till we fall out, and bring it on right back
Pop the seal right off of the Eighty, we drinking all that
Can't get enough of this, living lavage with many karats
Up on our neck and our wrist, riding a candy coated carriage
And that did you raw, showing you shit you never saw
But taking you places, that you never ever thought of before

(Hook: Z-Ro)
I bet he don't hop out of sixes like me
Platinum Rolex, on both wrists just like me
Is he able to surrender a whole section, like me
And still have time, for you to sex me baby
I bet he won't be there when its hard, like me
Plus I know, he ain't a ghetto rap star like me
H-5 and rolling up in a Jordan, like me
I'm the best been, ain't nobody raw like me

(Lil' O)
Bitch shake that loser, run with the aces
Let me hit the pussy, on a regular basis
We could ball in the mall, spend big faces
Go see the world, take a trip to Vegas
Front row at the Lakers, it's a fact I'm real
We so close to the court, you could slap Sequel
While these jealous hoes, checking out your fashion skills
I got you in the Prada skirt, with the matching heels
Now can your man do that, these seats cost money
Can he handle that, I don't think so
Your thinking that you cheating, but don't think hoe
Just think about my life, and how my ice twinkle
And if you play your cards right, you could have the same
And all I want in return, is ass and some brain
No asking for change, I just give it to you
But you know I take it back, once I dig it in you

(Hook: Z-Ro)

What it do baby girl, I know you know about the Guerilla Maab type thugs
Staying down at the club, getting dubbed valet three deep and on dubs
I'm a Southside superstar, I ain't knocking that cat
But that pretty boy shit played out, baby that's a fact
You need a thug in your life, somebody to run up in you right
Or throw that X in your life, get ready for late night hype
You know we rough raw, and we keeping you turned on like night lights
Ain't no nigga like me, cross the line and whip on the scene
I can show show you better than I'll tell you, ain't no doing it like I does
Fuck thinking of what it was, throw the middle finger to that scrub
Wanna get away to come out with, for real I set it off
Make you think it be like the boss, have you hollin' Trae like you lost

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