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The Abolishment

This song is by Guerilla and appears on the album Zona Antifascista (2007).

Fridge control. let's get things straight.
Your arguments are just a cheap excuse
For your habits. for tradition.
Constantly reproduced.

So c'mon reflect your lifestyle. It's so absurd.
Let logic win. No need for animal death and
Torture. No steak in my stomach.
No dead skin on my skin.

Wrong labelled truth. your products stink.
What a disguting shit.
Well it's so easy to put an end to it.

Just say yeah to hunting misses.
Just say yeah to vegan kisses.

It's no religion. we're not part of a holy war.
You won't increase your rebirth credits by sparing
A cow. and there is no justification to abuse the
Singularity of the shoah. just for catching some
Publicity. we want progress and pleasure.
I don't preach abdication. fuck it.
This is 'bout the abolishment of a barbaric relic.

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