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This song is by Gudda Gudda.

You are now in tune with your wifey's favorite DJ, DJ Ill Will

I might fly and lose it all
I'll be a cannonball
And maybe you'll walk away, maybe you'll walk away
Set me up and light me off, I'll be a cannonball
But maybe you'll walk away, but maybe you'll walk away
Cannonball, I'll be a cannonball, cannonball
Cannonball, I'll be a cannonball, cannonball

Every since I was a child, I just wanted to be a star before I die
And to make it to the top of this mountain, you gets one try
I heard the sky is the limit so I'm gon fly
Steps on the divingboard and life in hallabonzai?
Look boy, I'm a man and I'm grown
Tryna make my money stretch like Santanio Holmes
The game is 90% bigs and 10% rhyme

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