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This song is by Gucci Mane and appears on the album The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted (2010).

Weirdo... Weirdo, Ima Weirdo (2x)
Killed da pussy, killed the bitch
Turned into a weirdo
Mr zone 6, half a million dollar ear lobe
Weirdo... Weirdo, Ima Weirdo (2x)
Gucci mane, drumma boy
Dis here for da weirdos
Had it like a bag a dro
Flowin like a weirdo

Shawty mad, mad for wut
Man 'cause she can't get enough
Tough luck
Diggin Gucci mane and he don't give a fuck
Throw it up, Pick it up
She's a material girl

You ain't got enough
It's a weird, weird
And she asking weird questions
Why yo engine 'n' da rear
Switchin gears den I'm outta here
You boyfriends so last year
Lets have breakfast on the moon
Lets have dinner on Uranus
I got Venus, on my penis
And Serena wrapped round my fingers
Lil mama wet as aquafina
Send dem hoes like Angelina
I like 'em black
I like 'em yella
I like 'em red
I like to meet her

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