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Pretty Boy Swag

This song is by Gucci Mane.

Swag turned to the maximum
She know what it is and know what it ain't
Go hard in the paint like Flocka Flame
That Gucci Mane and I'm off the chain
Got pretty swag diddy bop with a pretty girl in the club
Look like bugs all on my fingers
Earring flashing bright like a blinker
When I hold my wrist up it's a turn signal
It's funny to me, you way dumber than me
If you think ya man got more money than me
My tennis shoes cost two-thousand a piece
I'm a quadruple O.G. murdering beats
This right here is my new Lambo'
Yellow on black with the yellow Forgiato
Pull up with a yellow bone sipping on Moscato

Yeah nigga handsome, jumping out the Phantom
Red Drophead riding 'round East Atlanta
Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane hitting with the tandem
Girls rock with 'em but them haters can't stand 'em
Out shine and out last 'em
This right here is the pretty boy anthem
Quarter on the watch, half a mill' on the chain
And the charm right here make a rapper can't stand 'em

This right here is my swag

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