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On Deck

This song is by Gucci Mane.

Good cush burner nigga in the kitchen good cookin
And I know I might be ugly but my car is good lookin'
A star so I shine like the sun in Mississippi
A show in Mississippi so I love to sit with fifty, bands,
Ya gamblin ass I'm from birmingham shot ya boy down fifty grand and I shook lil buddy hand
Until the feds get me nigga spend ya bread with me
You prety boy niggas know the kid get filthy, fizzy
Haters know the bih stay distant get ya ass whooped bus came you just missed it
So icey boys four niggas eight bitches
Two girls for every nigga that's how we kick it.

*Is you iced out (check), is you thugged out (check)
Gat dem shootas on deck, gat dem goons on deck,
So icy entertainment big jewels on deck
Baby look at our neck we rock vvs
Is you iced out (check), is you thugged out (check)
Gat dem shootas on deck, gat dem goons on deck,
Big jewels on deck
Baby we on deck
So icey vvs we rock vvs*

That's some super fruity cali cush he super smokin'
Dolce, dolce and the gabana frames
I'm gucci half the time think that it's my clothing line
Do it like la kitchen show me yours I'll show you mine

I'm high up out my mind don't think I'm lyin' 'cause I ain't lyin'
If smokin' is a crime then that's a cryin shame
Mary jane mary jane I love the mary jane
It's underrated underappreciated highly decorated damn I been hella patient but I'm losing all my patience
Many wanna duplicate, generate, penatrate innovative bachelor, gucci mane the bachelor.

It's a pity how these inner city bitches fuck these niggas just for riches flashing like they rich but shop at jc pennys
A gimme you say gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
I'm a go and get it type of nigga I ain't with the beggin
So icey boys baby got it on my necklace on my neck and on my wrist
On my face because I'm flexin
I'm a chef I can make a hit
I can make a brick
Used to steal rob and take a brick I ain't fake a bit
If a bitch talk bout gucci mane that she on gucci dick
I'm a soldier and a CEO so icy we da shit
If a bitch talk bout so icey she on our dick
I'm a soldier and a CEO so icey we the shit.


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