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Gucci The Eskimo

This song is by Gucci Mane.

Verse 1: early in the mornin I'm cookin a brick

See I ain't really thinkin' 'bout them snitches and shit

Its hard as a bitch but I gives a fuck

I swag threw the six with my pistols up

Brick boy click put ya pistols up

So icy on my tag nigga eat my dust

I'm high as a plane and in god I trust
A nigga try us then his head is busted

I'm smarter then you niggas that how I got my bust

Niggas sendin threats like we give a fuck

Niggas probly mad cause her buzz was cut

And I'm in the city screamin bricks are us (gucci)

Chorus: gucci mane the eskimo burr ya bitch

I drop 100 racks and wont miss the shit

That fuck shit that fuck shit bitch miss me with

And if yo baby mama died I wouldn't miss the bitch


Verse 2: I'm gangster like al capone or james cady

These rap puss ain't really hard the just actin'

I sold bricks for real the whie dragons

Sixteen to twenty two five I'm igh taxin

Depends on yo tax pockets or your package

Twenty one five right now and I'm happy

It jump to twenty three and I'm a start clapin

Yo folks ain't workin shit my shops open

I'm on deck brick with no flex

Get snowed in like lagurte 'n' alport

Got 150 bricks with no passport

And good for 400 if I asked for it

U got taxe for it

Ill pay cash for it

Ill send out for it then bring back yorin

Ya got taxe for it

Ill pay cash for it

Ill send out for it then bring back yorin chorin

Verse 3: gucci front shoes adem right in the bag

In my gucci corvete I know you like that swag

Polar bear gucci chillin' off of my igloo

30 inch rims so deep you fit yo kids threw

Keep yo dick out my girl gucci forbids u

Chopper leave hoes imagine what that shit do

Duce duce bustin' and screrrrrrrr amuse u

So many wipes little mama comfuse you

Bart simpson chain some strange ass cartoon dude

Hummer fully loaded with the crome and moon roof

Gucci mane the juice man burr ya bitch

We'll drop 100 racks and wont miss the shit (gucci)

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