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Follow Me

This song is by Gucci Mane.

My chain is really stupid but my swag is real retaaarded
I'm shittin on all these haters like I'm rappin' on the toiiilet
My wordplay is unique, it's so sweet that I keep a cavity
So money is petite, my money defies laws of gravity
So quarantine the studio 'cause gucci got a sick flow
Sicker than tuberculosis, I keep spittin' these cancer verses
So please give me a cancer stick 'cause I just fucked all over ya
My lunch they cost me half a brick 'cause we ate in cambodia
Made seven million after taxes
Guess y'all just have to practice
See the world through gucci glasses
Yep, I said gucci glasses
And if I had no daddy then that mean I'd be a bastard child
My pistol'll whip you like ya daddy
I'll smoke you like a black 'n' mild

My flow so super-sweet, every verse I get a cavity
Drop meat so deep off in yo girl yo girlfriend wanna marry me
Mind so fuckin' sick that they quarantined the studio
The diamonds in my ear clearer than a shot of julio
Gucci mane la flare got beef like Hardees
If grandaddy was livin' I would buy grandad a harley
I am not a role model, like Charles Barkley
Yes I am a role model, everybody follow me
Follow me,
Follow me,
Everybody follow me,
Obama called me yesterday and told me Gucci follow me (cool)
Follow me,
Follow me,
Everbody follow me
And if you wanna be a leader, I suggest you follow me

Nothing like a wise man,
I'm fixed on the prize man
And if I told you you was dope than I would be a lyin' man
Fire than the fire man
Hotter than the frying pan
And you would never see me homie, it's like you a blind man

I started my own label 'cause I am my own man
You niggas are not a label
Y'all too fuckin' old, man
Go pick up some ol cats
Then pick up my ol facts
Then pick up my ol albums, study me and learn man
Gucci got a old soul
But he got that new swag
Jumpin' out his rolls royce
Flexin on y'all broke ass
I just got some mo problems 'cause I got some mo cash
I just been out four months,
Caught up with ya, blown past

My left wrist a hundred k, my right wrist two hundred though
My necklace cost 500 crack, earrings cost me 60 pack
20 on this pinkie baby where we at? 900 man
Hundred cash for pocket change so Ima rock a million
So icey's an army and you just a civilian
Seats are all reptilian, my girlfriend is sicilian
If I said I wasn't the best
I'd be lying to ya
If you asked me to be honest,
I would say that I'm the truth
I'm the truth
I'm the truth
Just like my neice she snaggle-toothed
But still she so stupid-cute
You ask her she say unc the truth
Hear the verse so fuckin' sick they quarantine the vocal booth,
My auntie told me go home get rest, water and a lotta soup

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