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EA Sportscenter

This song is by Gucci Mane.

Fresh, gucci
Ball hard, ball smart like its sportscenter you see it
Fresh and gucci, iced up, cash up

Ball player paper you would think I was a draft pick,
Zone 6 brick boy watch me score a hundred,
Call dick my tail cause gucci a diaper dandy,
DT player I bought a blue aston,
Zone season bricks go up through the attic,
If you smoke crack rock then your an addict,
Addicted to ballin kush and bad bitches,
Dem big rims is just the way I'm livin',
I took whole mill and I spent it on a crib,
I'm in the hood passin kids hundred dollar bills,
Kentez you better tell these pussy niggas what it is,
Before I make cash show these niggas what it is,(cash)

Baby I ball hard I start so call sportscenter
I was averagin' 80 an hour last winter,
Wilt chamberlain y'all danglin'
Like crystal,
Benchwarmer sit out till next season nigga,(repeat)

Magic city Monday 20 grand Monday,
Same thing next week call that shit a replay,
72' chevy caprice is a slam dunk,
Mossberg sawed off call that shit a double boom,
Ak-47 make a nigga 360,

Airmax airbubble cost me 150,
Tall money yao ming tall then nowitzki,
Wilt cham. bitch baller of the century,
23 inch davins sitin on a bentley,
If you don't like it then don't ride wit me,
Sportscenter bitch made highlight of the century,
Came to the club wit a chain worth a milli,
Take it to the paint jump gucci shoot a 3,(I will)
Waitin on gucci you be waitin for a week,
Take it to the paint jump gucci gucci shoot a 3,(swishy)
I'm so iced out my left wrist on freeze,

I know y'all think that I'm just rappin',
I'm vacuum sealin and saran wrappin',
36 Oz and the inner tube a baggy,
54 Oz that's a brick and a halfy,
So much money put my stacks in a baggy,
So many ... that I never busted a baggy,
08' bently money taller than nowitzki,
Kimba mitumba or oprah winfrey,
Like vending machine I keep that coke,
So much powder I can make a snowman,
Like a vendin machine I keep that coke,
So much powder I can make a snowman,(oh man)


Yeah its gucci mane la flare wilt chamberlain shit, sportscenter, you tuned in man na-mean, fuck the TV man watch the street man, glenwood day Ima murder him, edgewood day Ima murder him, east atlanta day Ima murder him, swat day Ima murder him, na-mean, its gucci mane big boy flexin so icy entertainment, we bangin' like that chain swangin' like that we rockin' like that cut off stockin like that we poppin' like that, bags of money na-mean never 100's na-mean, big boy shit bet a million na-mean,
You smoke it I don't want it na-mean dollar purp I smoke it na-mean, gone holla a $100,000 rings...

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